Can Superstition and Religion Help You Sell Your Mission Viejo Home?

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Can Superstition and Religion Help You Sell Your Mission Viejo Home?

When East Meets West and Gives Some MoJo to Mission Viejo Home Sellers

“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui, but I use it because it makes me money.”
– Donald Trump

Call me and The Donald crazy, but I have resorted to using the Eastern Feng Shui energy and a Roman Catholic Saint to help get some homes sold in Orange County.  In these stressed out times, who couldn’t use a little extra help?  Here are some tips and insider secrets that might help you Orange County home sellers attract more offers from well qualified buyers really quickly.  Are you with me on this?  Ready to suspend your big, red, glaring BEWARE sign of disbelief?  Hang on.  Here we go.  (It won’t hurt.  I promise.)

Feng Shui Based Home Sales Techniques to Attract Buyers

1.       Put a brand new rectangular or oval black mat at the front door to your home.

2.       Put a pot of fire colored flowers (red, orange, yellow) on each side of the black mat.  Fake plants are OK as long as the look real.  Those totally fake things will not work.

3.       Make sure the front approach to your door is squeaky, sparkling clean.  That means the sidewalk, the walk way and the entry way.  No dirt, dead leaves or dead anything, and give the door a fresh coat of paint if you need to.

4.       Put a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen – apples, oranges, and lemons.  Fresh.  If you have to buy new ones every week while your home is on the market, do it.

5.       In the back yard, back porch, back balcony or back patio, put a pair of something in the far right hand corner.  A pair of chairs, a pair of garden gnomes, a pair of potted plants, a pair of candles.  Just not a pair of dirty socks.

6.       Put the For Sale sign in the front right corner of your property.  For extra credit, surround the base of the sign with flowers of every color.

7.       If you are going to invest a dime into getting your home ready to sell, you can never never never over improve the land your house is sitting on.  Invest in green grass where there should be green grass, flowering plants in all the beds, and  rich, dark earth where it belongs.

St. Joseph – The Patron Saint of Real Estate

Go to your local Roman Catholic Book Store and just say “Can I have the St. Joseph to get my house sold?”  You’ll be taken to the aisle with the St. Joseph’s for Realtors section.  For about $10.00 – you’ll get a  tiny statue of St. Joseph – the patron saint of Real Estate – and a set of directions for setting him off your behalf.  Here’s my personal prescription for bringing on the St. Jo MoJo:

1.       Pick a spot in the front yard that you can re-locate at a later date – marked by a spot on the sidewalk, a sprinkler head, or a step in the front walk.  (The first time I employed the power of St. Jo I place him near my For Sale sign, which the gardeners moved several times to mow the lawn.)

2.       Bury the tiny statue head down, facing the street.  Yes.  Dig a deep enough hole to fit him in, put him in a head stand, and cover him up.  Use a little garden shovel.

3.       Say the prayer.  It comes with the tiny statue.  Or any prayer.  Ask St. Jo to help you get your home sold.  Respectfully.  On your knees would be best. That’s how I do it.

4.       After you close escrow on your house, dig up the St. Jo (see #1 above about the importance of remembering where you placed him)

5.       Place the dirt-encrusted statue in a place of honor.  He deserves it.

First time I buried a St. Joseph for one of my clients, at her request, we got an offer the next day.  Go figure.  Or go get a figurine of your own.

I’m Leslie.  Just keeping it Real in Orange County Real Estate.  Call me.  We should talk.  949-678-3373.  Or just fill out this form.

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