Buying and Selling In Mission Viejo Real Estate Today is Like the World Series of Poker

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Buying and Selling In Mission Viejo Real Estate Today is Like the World Series of Poker

Shuffle Up and Deal with the Facts of Buying and Selling in Mission Viejo

Playing the game of home buying and selling in Mission Viejo today is much like signing up for the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas.  For several reasons.  And here you have them:

  1. You have to have an ante to play.  You’ve got to put some skin in the game up front if you want to be a serious player in Mission Viejo home buying or selling.  Your time? For sure.  Some money? If you are a seller, undoubtedly.  Whether it’s your blood, sweat and tears or you pay for someone else sweat (hopefully no blood or tears) to make your house look like what you expect to get for it.  Your willingness to combine skill, luck, and the cards you are dealt?  Absolutely.  As a buyers, you have to have your money all figured out to even go looking at homes in Mission Viejo today.
  2. You have to have your poker face on – at all times.  Those little “tells” that give away your advantage can be devastating – both in terms of money and lost  opportunity.  As a Mission Viejo home buyer, you have to have your chips on the table.  The seller is going to demand to see if you have enough money to make a play for their home.  But they don’t have to know how many other chips you have stashed away.  Keep your pre-approval letter and your bank statement showing the funds on deposit in line with exactly how much money you are offering and how much you have to put down.  No one needs to know how much more money you may have. 
  3. Practice the art of Slow Play.  Don’t let the seller see you jumping up and down for joy on the curb after touring the Mission Viejo home of your dreams.  Play is cool and collected.  And if you are the seller, don’t hover over the buyers breathing down their necks with a your hands extenede waiting to capture their offer and their down payment.  Stay calm and relatively detached from their response to your home.  If you have to break the cardinal rule of making your home easy for buyers to see.
  4. Then let the games begin.  It looks to me like the Mission Viejo real estate market is picking up some pace.  Especially in Painted Trails and Canyon Crest.  Are you ready?

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, and Laguna Niguel Real Estate.
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