Mission Viejo Home Buyers Ask a Lot of Questions

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Mission Viejo Home Buyers Ask a Lot of Questions

Mission Viejo Home Buyers ask a lot of questions as they go through the home purchase process.

Buying a house is not at all like buying a car.  There’s no Kelly Blue Book for houses.  Of course, there are comparable sales, and you can look at the current listings to get a feel for how one house compares to another.  But there’s no industry standard price list for individual features like a view, a pool, or hardwood and granite.  Nor is there a standard list of discounts amounts given for deferred maintenance, tragic wall paper choices, or the wrong color appliances.  Buyers have to look closely at each house they might consider.  And buyers ask a lot of questions in order to do their own calculations for what they feel the house is worth.  Questioning is an important part of the buying process.  And once the questions start, often buyers ask a lot more questions.

Here are some of my favorite questions buyers have asked:

  • Do they have a dog?  Do they have a cat?  Do they smoke in here?  Is that mold?  Can you smell that?
  • Didn’t they know we were coming?  Who lives like this?  Are those all bobble-heads?  Does this qualify as hording?
  • Doesn’t the listing say this is house has three bedrooms?  Where’s the third bedroom?  Does this count as a bedroom?  Where are the door and the closet?  Can you count this loft as a bedroom? Can they do that?
  • What is a bidet?  Why do people put carpet in the bathroom?  Where is the septic tank?  Is it OK if I use their bathroom?
  • Are these the owners?  Are those their kids?  How long have they lived here?  Are they getting divorced?  Where are they moving?
  • Does that flat screen TV stay?  Are they leaving the refrigerator?  Are they leaving the washer and dryer?  Are they leaving the trampoline?  Are they leaving the playhouse?  Will they sell me that bookcase?
  • Are they taking the plants?  Are they taking those mirrors?  Are they taking the pool cleaner?
  • Is that built to code?  Is this load bearing? Can you take out this wall?  Is that original?  Was that added on?  Is that desk built-in?  What is that cable for?  Are they fixing that?
  • Where does the lot end?  Is that part of the yard?  Can you put a pool back there? What kind of tree is that?
  • Where did the person die?  Which room?  What happened?
  • Are we stopping for lunch?
  • I’m Leslie Eskildsen – Just keeping it real in Mission Viejo Real Estate.  And here for you because buyers ask a lot of questions.
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