Bunny Slipper Buyers – Mission Viejo Home Sellers Beware!

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Bunny Slipper Buyers – Mission Viejo Home Sellers Beware!

Mission Viejo Home Sellers – What Are the Photos of Your Home Telling Today’s Buyers?

OK, all you Mission Viejo home sellers, listen up.  And all you other Orange County home sellers can get some pointers here, too.  It’s now April.  And if your house hasn’t sold yet, it might be time to take a look at the photos that are gracing the screens of every Internet Website the Bunny Slipper Buyers are stalking.  Here’s what I’m talking about.

1.       Bunny Slipper Buyers are ON IT.  That means they are on one-minute-response auto-alert for any changes, new listings or movement of any kind in the exact areas they are looking for.  And if you decide to drop your price, they get an alert INSTANTLY.  And they open their email at O-Dark-Thirty or any time of day.  Especially in the wee small hours of the morning, since they can’t sleep because they need to find a home to buy so they do their home shopping at O-Dark-Thirty.

2.       When Bunny Slipper Buyers get an instant alert that your home may have entered their target zone – what do they do first?  Look at the Association Amenities?  Check out the type of flooring and fencing or check to see if your house has rain gutters?  NO WAY.  They check the PHOTOS.  Come on.  You know this, right??

3.       So, I did a random sample of photos of homes currently active in the Southern California MLS, un-audited by Ernst, Whiney, or Young, and you know what I found?  Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, Santa Clauses and Snowmen.  In photos of homes for sale in Mission Viejo (which is where my office is) and other South OC cities.

I remind you again.  Over 95% of home buyers today shop for homes on-line. On their iPhones, their iPads, their Driods, and their Blackberries.  They get your house details and all the photos anywhere and at any time.  What do you think they think when they see a photos of Christmas trees in your house in April.  Say it with me –   “This house has been for sale since before Christmas of last year and it hasn’t sold yet.  What’s wrong with it?”  You just gave them license to conjure up all kinds of things that are wrong with your house.  Don’t go there.  Really.  Don’t.

So what does this mean to you as an Orange County home seller?

If you’ve had your home on the market since last Christmas and Bunny Slipper Buyers can see that – REPLACE THE PICTURES WITH NEW ONES!!  It’s super easy to do.  Ask your agent – she’ll know how.   Unless the Christmas decorations are still up.  That’s a different conversation.

I’m Leslie.  Just Keeping it Real in Orange County Real Estate.  949-678-3373

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