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Bigger Homes Take Longer for Everything

White Kitchen 2There’s an unwritten rule or local custom that showing large, expensive homes takes more time, requires an appointment, requires the sellers’ agent to be present and actually conduct a practiced tour of the home. Versus a smaller property that might take only a few minutes to tour, can be scheduled within less than an hour, and doesn’t require anyone to point out all the special features.

That’s one of the funny things about choosing to sell your home. You’ve just opened your own retail store that you very likely are still living in. So while living in the one bedroom condo you have listed for sale, you might ask for 30 minutes notice before an agent arrives with her clients. This translates into your agent letting all the potential buyers’ agents know that yes, you live there. And, yes, you’d like a wee bit of time to get out of the shower, throw on some clothes, put the dishes in the dishwasher and put the dog on his leash as you head out for a short walk just as the buyers and their agent arrive.

In the case of a larger house – say four bedrooms, with three kids, two dogs, two working parents, la Crosse gear, football gear, and ballet lessons, they might need two hours notice to pack everyone up, with all their sticks, balls, helmets, shoulder pads, tutus, toe shoes, and snacks and whip the place in shape for you. Some people in this general category might even ask for four hours notice. Occasionally they’ll want to know the day before. We agents try our best to coach our clients into leaving the house ready to show when you’re gone for the day. It’s late afternoons, evenings, and weekends, when you’re doing the most living in your retail store, that become the logistics traffic jams and take some time to work out.

Finally, the last in our array of house-turned-retail store saga, is the mega house, mansion, compound, or estate. If the houses you’re shopping for can be described by any of these terms, you’re in the range of at least 24 hours notice. It takes at least that long for the owners with a retail store this big and fully functioning to have maids leave fresh vacuum cleaner track marks on every inch of carpet, leave the hard wood floors and Italian quartz counters sparkling, turn all the lights on – adjusted to the right level for the time of day you’re coming, set up the appropriate music playing in every room, and make sure the waterfalls are running in all the fountains and pools. The sellers’ agent(s) will be there, of course. It is her job to make sure you’re fully aware of all the features, materials, decorators, architects, and key imported pieces formerly parts or monasteries, castles, and palaces. It can easily take an hour or longer to properly tour the entire property. And you’ll want to take as much time as you need to absorb all that you’re being offered.

Buyers looking at these types of retail stores also must often pass a steeper bar to entry. To be considered serious enough to make an appointment for you, you’ll also be asked for bank or trust statements showing the funds for the down payment and closing costs are on deposit. Proof of enough money to just pay cash will also do. Happy shopping at which ever retail store suites your budget and life style!

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