Be Ready When Mission Viejo Home Buyers Come ‘a Looking at Your House

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Be Ready When Mission Viejo Home Buyers Come ‘a Looking at Your House

Got your Mission Viejo home for sale on the market today? 

Here are some basic Must Do’s when buyers are coming to call.

1. Always leave your house as neat as a pin, ready for the perfect buyer, EXPECTING that they will come while you are gone.  Take a look around before you leave to make sure everything is set.  Even take three minutes to make fresh vacuum tracks in the living room carpet to show you really put some effort into making the house shine.  Leave on strategic lights.  Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.  Leave the whole house stereo system on classical music. 

This sets your intent with the Universe that you truly want to attract the perfect buyer for your home, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Even if you aren’t into Universal Energy or the Force – at least check the house every time you leave so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the kids left their dirty underwear on the bathroom floor.

2. Always LEAVE your house if you are home when a buyer is expected.  As in physically go away from the house.  Even if you work from home and you’re on a super important international conference call.  Don’t even think about walking behind the buyers with your Bluetooth headset on, barking instructions and strategies to your associates in China or London.  And all the kids home doing homework?  They’ve got to go, too.  EVERYONE leaves when buyers come to look.  Don’t be your own anti-sales strategy.  It is terribly uncomfortable for buyers to try on your home while you’re still in it.  Quite a buzz kill. 

The one exception to the above fundamental law of home selling is the napping baby/toddler/grandparent.  At least tuck all ya’ll away in the nap room.  And put several photos of the room on the door with a note that says “Sleeping Baby” and a picture of the little tyke fast asleep in his crib.  Everybody loves baby pictures.  The more emotion you conjure up for the buyer,  the better chance the perfect buyer will fall in love with your house and make a great offer.

Keeping your fingers crossed never hurts either.

Just Keeping it Real here in Mission Viejo Real Estate. 

I’m Leslie.  Gall me. Text Me.  Facebook me.  949-678-3373.

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