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Avoid the Exotic When Selling Your Mission Viejo Home

Exotic ANYTHING Does Not Help Mission Viejo Home Sellers

The exciting sprint toward the World Series, with the MLB playoffs in full swing, has leaked into the Mission Viejo Real Estate space.  The last couple of blogs have been devoted to what not to do when you’re trying to sell your Mission Viejo or Coto de Caza home in today’s low inventory market, so why not keep the series going?

Glorious Orange County – the poster child for neat neighborhoods like Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, Dove Canyon, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Portola Hills.  Suburbia at its finest.  No downtown for us.  Just a series of concatenated bedroom communities, with an occasional Mall, School, and Hospital thrown in just to give the locals enough to do to stay smart, healthy, and well dressed.  Exotic ANYTHING does not fly for most Mission Viejo home buyers.  What’s so exotic it would distract or deter most Mission Viejo Home Buyers?  Read on.

•    Exotic paint and carpet.  Those matte black walls and wall to wall leopard print carpet in the living room will turn most Coto de Caza and Mission Viejo Home Buyers’ heads sideways.  Not to mention the iridescent gold crown molding and faux marble pillars.  Tough for your standard Orange County Buyer to see past.  Dialing it back down to “normal” before you go on the market will, in most cases, help you sell faster.
•    Exotic finishes.  Blue granite with flashes of crystal flakes and a blue sink may work for your kitchen, but not for most buyers.  If you can’t change it before you go on the market, at least offer to throw in all of your blue dishes and other blue-friendly kitchen accessories.  Or print up a very professional card (think “Model Home”) to set on the counter with the following statement:  “Seller may consider a credit to the buyer to replace the blue counters.”
•    Exotic animals.  That Iguana behind the baby gate in your kids’ upstairs bedroom will definitely distract most buyers checking out your house.  If the buyers don’t scream, they might get a kick out of it. Distracting either way.  It’s really hard for buyers to picture their kids’ furniture in your zoo room when all they are looking at is the size of the lizard and thinking about whether lizards a.) can jump over baby gates or b.) are poisonous.  Pawn the exotic lizard, snake, tarantula, or aquarium full of squid off on a good friend or neighbor before you go on the market – and keep them away until you close escrow.
•    Exotic hobbies.  Train tracks with multiple trains on the custom made platform in the guest room. With the custom built train station and a scaled down replica of Mayberry decorating the tracks.  Another custom train track hanging from the ceiling.  Or a dance pole (is that the right work for the pole used in pole dancing?) in the upstairs bonus room – with only a Eames lounge chair, a boom box, a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and a beaded curtain hanging at the entrance (or exit?) to the dressing room.  Distracting for most buyers, to say the least.

Bottom line here is to normalize where ever you can.  Paint if you need to.  Pack up whatever you can.  Remove the distractions.  Offer to help the buyer get what they want instead of what you wanted.  Your way of saying “my taste may not be your taste, but if you like the bones of my house, we can work out the details.”

I’m Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, and Dove Canyon Real Estate.
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