Attention All Home Buyers and Sellers – Be Mature.

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Attention All Home Buyers and Sellers – Be Mature.

Some Orange County home buyers and sellers need to be reminded to be mature during their Real Estate Transaction. I know you’re stressed. I know you’re maxed out trying to handle work, your family, and your escrow. But you will help yourself tremendously if you remember to be mature as the drama unfolds.

Be mature about your paperwork

When you get your escrow instructions or requests from your lender in the mail or by email – it looks like a big pile of stuff you’d rather not deal with.    It will make you feel like you’ve got a lot of extra work to do.  Well guess what?  You do!  So be mature about it – go through the pile of paperwork.  Figure out what you need to do to fill it out, sign it and get it back to escrow, your lender, or your Realtor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  These days, 30 day escrows are the most common – the process can’t move forward unless you return your paperwork.  If you don’t understand something or have question, call your Realtor.  Don’t go all ostrich on it and stick it in the pile for “some other time.”  There is no other time.  Just Do It.

We’re All Adults Here

Be mature and trust that the guy on the other side (the buyer or seller on the other end) is an honest person trying to protect their best interest –  just like you.   Deal with their counter offers, requests, responses, and unexpected bumps as a mature adult.  Think business, not dramaCSI not Survivor.Talk everything over with your Realtor and decice what will work for you and what will not.  Will there be some negotiating strategy necessary – of course!  Could there be mis-communication and mis-understanding?  Absolutely.   But the more you remain mature and see this is a business transaction, you’ll have a much smoother experience  and a much more satisfactory outcome.  Name calling, threatening, mud slinging don’t help when you are on a time clock and trying to hold your transaction together.

Be Ready for Complications

Be mature and trust that the 30 other people involved in the transaction are professionals and that they are experts at their jobs.  If something goes sideways, talk it over with your Realtor as soon as possible.  Again, these transactions are complex.  If you trust that people are trying to do their part properly, you can defuse misunderstandings.  And if you and your Realtor discover that something really isn’t being handled properly, you can decide what the mature way of handling it should be.

You’re Working With a Pro

Be mature and trust that your Realtor has your best interest as her primary objective.  The faster you raise an issue to your Realtor, the faster she can work to get it resolved.  Whether it’s the the other party, the lender, the escrow officer, the appriaser, or the inspector – if you come across anything during your Real Estate transaction that makes you angry, suspicious, upset, or confused, be mature.  Remember this is a business transaction and you are an adult.  Stick to the facts and adress the issues quickly and civilly.  And if it’s your Realtor you have an issue with, let her know.  Have a conversation with her – be mature and tell her what you are thinking and feeling.  A two way conversation on the phone or in person so you can both listen, talk, and clairfy.  Not emails and texting.  And just like any other business, you can escalate an issue to a manager, supervisor, broker, or even the California Association of Realtors, or the National Association of Realtors.

I’m Leslie just keeping it Real in Orange County Real Estate.  Give me a call 949-678-3373

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