Aging Orange County CA Homes May Need a Few Upgrades

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Aging Orange County CA Homes May Need a Few Upgrades

Orange County CA is growing up. A lot of aging Orange County CA homes are hitting 50 years old. Old Fashioned StoveI heard you gasp. How did it happen so quickly? Orange County always been the new wave of Southern California housing, and the birth place of master planned communities. Just as surprising it may be to some of us that we’ve entered the age of aging houses, it is also somewhat surprising what the new, capable buyers expect from our aging homes in today’s market. If you own one of the aging Orange County CA homes and are planning on selling, buckle your seat belt. This could be a bumpy ride.

Got Popcorn?

While popcorn is a staple at Orange County cinemas, in homes of a certain age, popcorn on the ceiling is no longer posh or desirable. In fact, popcorn (sometimes called cottage cheese) ceilings often invoke a face gesture that reminds me of the children’s book character Junie B. Jones, who often laments the inescapable torture of the stewie pewie tomatoes she is forced to eat for dinner. You know the look. Your upper lip curls up and your eyes squint in abhorrence. Ewie. The good news is that the popcorn can be removed – being careful to dispose of any asbestos contamination, or simply covered with startlingly stylish ceiling tiles. What a concept!

Got aluminum?

Aluminum windows are so mid last century. And do not evoke any of the mid century modern emotional appeal. They are not attractive in any way and provide no redeeming qualities. No noise reduction, no energy efficiency to keep you cool on the warm spring and summer days and even less to keep you warm in the slightly chilly Orange County winters and summer nights. Who says we don’t have seasons? But those aluminum windows get the stewie pewie face from buyers every time.

Got linoleum, laminate, or Formica?

You know instinctively how important flooring and counters are to the way you respond to a home. Creamy slab granite counters, and for a dash of the daring, sparkly Italian quartz counters bring a smile to almost every buyer’s face. Real hardwood floors, 24 inch no-grout travertine floor tiles, and super plush CLEAN carpet also get smiles. That stewie pewie face pops up when the price tag on the house doesn’t match the quality of the finishings. Really? You’re asking over a million and you have Formica counters and linoleum flooring. Ewie.

Got a Fred Flintstone slab garage door?

Just this week I pressed the garage “open door” button inside a Mission Viejo home, and as the big old hunk of wood lifted up and retracted into the garage I was seriously feeling that it was going to crash down to the floor at any minute.

Amid the creaks, groans, and shimmering, it let off even more loudly when I punched the button to let it back down, it eventually closed without any damage. And shaved two years off of my life.

Just a reminder for all potential sellers out there to look at your aging Orange County CA homes from the eyes of your potential buyers. It may startle you.

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