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Advice For Showing Mission Viejo Houses for Sale

Please! When Showing Mission Viejo Houses for Sale – Leave It As You Found It

Now that the Mission Viejo real estate market has turned to a more normal playing ground for buyers and sellers, it appears that some Realtors need to brush up on etiquette and protocol when showing Mission Viejo houses for sale. This is an invitation to take a seat and jot down some notes on showing Mission Viejo houses for sale – because things are going off the rails in some situations.  These are the rules I’d suggest we local REALTORS all abide by showing Mission Viejo houses for sale. Are you in?

1 – If it was unlocked when you came in, leave it unlocked. Now that my seller, who will remain nameless, has been locked out of her garage twice in as many showings, she’s texting me with all kinds of emoticons which translate into: “really mad face” and “not happy to have to break in to my own house, again!”

Agents, please heed this public service announcement: The normal and customary thing to do when you show a house is to leave it the way you found it.  If the garage door was unlocked – please don’t lock it.  If the patio door was open, please don’t close it.  If the front door was unlocked, please don’t lock it.  This may mean you need to question your clients, as they may have opened the doors on their own.  Questions like “was this door locked when you opened it?” are always appropriate.  Got it?  Good.

2 – If the lights were on when you got there, leave them on.  You may be surprised to know that there are other REALTORS showing the same house as you, on the same day, at nearly the same time.  The seller has gone to extraordinary lengths to make it “show ready.”  What a concept!

Some sellers are schooled in how to stage their house to sell. They realize that the ambiance they have created to market their home culminates in the “showing appointment” and they have poured their heart and soul into making their house ready to show. Don’t disturb their preparations!  Point out their tireless efforts to your buyers, and leave discretely without touching a single light switch.  Then, go back to your office and write up that offer!

3 – Help Me!  If you see a sagging pillow without the requisite “V” shape, feel free to give it a good karate chop to recover the intended staging effect. Your buyers will be super impressed that you cared enough to give them the very best impression.

4 – If you are going to be late, not come at all, or need to reschedule, please let the seller know ASAP!  Sellers go to great lengths to prepare their home for you and your buyers.  If your plans change, please alert the seller. This way they can un-crate the dogs, release the children’s toys from their secret hostage holding place, and get back to polishing the granite counters, porcelain toilets, stainless steel sinks, and get ready for the next showing.

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