Mission Viejo Home Staging Requires Planning

I recently read a statistic that 25% of home for sale in Orange County today have been staged.  This is up from a reported 5% of homes for sale that were staged in 2007.  What an amazing increase in the adoption of an effective marketing tactic adopted by home sellers interested in achieving better results than their competition. With this craze for staging comes a variety of scheduling challenges for home sellers, Realtors, moving crews and home stagers themselves.  So here’s the current reality for home sellers committed to staging as their marketing tStaged Great Room Grey Yellow Whiterump card.

Planning ahead is required to make the most of home staging today.  Many high-demand home staging outfits are booked two or more weeks in advance for an initial consultation.  Home sellers, and their agents, have to plan in advance as well.  It is simple, really.  Just look at the calendar.

Start from the day you text your agent to let her know you’re ready to list your house and that staging your house will improve your results.  Move ahead at least one week to the first day you can get the stager in to look at your house and give you a consultation – including your staging options, their pricing, and the projects you must tackle to get your house ready for her to stage.  Then, add one to three days the home staging professional will need to pull their inventory they have designated for your project and shop for new items specific to your home staging project, the three to five day lead time the moving crew needs to schedule the pickup and delivery of the staging items.  That puts you out to the two week mark to have the house ready for staging.

If the stager includes a quote for the de-cluttering and organizing part of the staging project, then add on three to five days to the calendar, before the week of moving in the staging furniture and accessories.  Yes, she will come to your house and clear out every un-staging friendly piece of furniture, ceramic collectable, miss-matched piece of art work, un-color pallet friendly accessory, and any unnecessary reading material, decoration, beauty treatment product, trash receptacle, or plant that is currently taking up valuable space in your house.  And anything else she deems distracting or uncomplimentary to the staging efforts.  Buy very large trash bags. Consider ordering a dumpster.

Add another day or two, at least, to the day your home staging is complete and ready for photos.  Thank goodness your agent is experienced in this process and already has the professional real estate photographer scheduled to be on hand as soon as the staging is complete. This means you are at least two more business days away going live on the CRMLS.  This gives the photographer time to process the pics and your agent to upload them into your listing.

Depending on your own unique circumstances, it will take from two to four weeks to complete the staging process and the professional photos.  Just add that to your selling time line and you’ll be in business.



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