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2015 Mission Viejo Real Estate – Welcome!

Good Bye 2014.  Hello 2015 Mission Viejo Real Estate.

At this time of year, the obvious thing to do is to reflect on the past year in Mission Viejo real estate and project forward into what the 2015 Mission Viejo real estate market will bring.   So without any further ado, here comes the look ahead to 2015 Mission Viejo real estate market.

Good Bye 2014 Mission Viejo Real Estate Market

  • Good Bye to historically low home mortgage interest rates.  We loved you while you were with us this year.  So many home buyers in Mission Viejo benefited from your shockingly low rates.  Some have even likened you to “almost free money.”  For which all of us are eternally grateful.  We’ll miss you and love the legacy you’ve left for us.
  • God Bye to gently, steadily rising home sales pricesWe really love the way you tamed the whip-lash price increases we experienced in 2013 into a less nausea-causing rate of increase.  And thanks for the roller-coaster drop off during the summer and the heaBlue Booties 2015 Mission Viejo real estatert-stopping jump up during the last quarter.  You really know how to keep things interesting.
  • Good Bye to blue booties.  We loved not having any rain, so the protective coverings over rain soaked shoes were not required.   No bootie dance at the front door.  No embarrassing moment when the bootie doesn’t fit. The only redeeming quality no rain brought to Mission Viejo is no blue booties.

Hello 2015 Mission Viejo Real Estate

  • Hello Harvest Gold and Avocado Green.  We welcome your resurgence.  The glittery white quartz counters, sparkling stainless steel appliances, and reflective horizontal earth-toned glass back-splash tiles surrender to your return. We look forward to new home decorating themes that can cause us to unleash the items we been hiding in our HG&AG the storage space.
  • Hello Taking Even Longer to Sell My House. We’re not looking forward putting those geometrically perfect vacuum cleaner lines in our living room carpet every single day for five months.  But it that’s what it takes to get the price I’m looking for, we’re all in.
  • Hello Historically Low Home Mortgage Interest Rates.  Even though you’re no where nearly as attractive as last year’s rates, we welcome you to the 2015 Mission Viejo real estate reality.  Be kind.  Go up slowly.  We’re done with the whip lash and nausea.

My crystal ball is in the repair shop, so there is absolutely no evidence, premonition, insider knowledge or government leak that would indicate these 2015 predictions will come true.  Happy New Year.

I’m Leslie Sargent Eskildsen, the Real Deal Realtor specializing in Mission Viejo home sales. Take a look at some of the homes for sale in Mission Viejo right now. Looking to sell, rather than buy? Check out this blog on Mission Viejo home selling tips, and be sure to peruse other blog posts for more helpful advice!

If you are ready to move forward with a real estate decision, and if you want to work with a true community and real estate expert, then get in contact with me today. I can be reached at (949) 678-3373 or Leslie@LeslieEskildsen.com.


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